Ava M Stone, Ph.D., P.C.

Ava Stone, Ph.D.I offer respectful therapy relationships that emphasize choice, safety and personal change. I honor your life history which provides the context for understanding your gifts and challenges, such as depression, anxiety and/or struggle with relationships. I will invest a good deal of care and effort, and I expect you will do the same. Your input is essential in planning our work and between-session assignments. We will work to create an opportunity to bring forth your best self. I will be a genuine person with you. My guiding purpose is doing that which is in your best interest.

I look for the roots of negative feelings which are sometimes related to difficulties with claiming ones power and using it responsibly and effectively; speaking ones truth with clarity, directness and compassion; and seeking what you really want in life. The therapy relationship is the place to practice these skills. We will sometimes use evidence-based CBT methods, we will also use experiential methods, mindfulness, and other methods suited to your particular goals.

I work with individuals, couples, and adolescents age 15 and above. I work with people who have had traumatic experiences; those coping with the impact of cultural issues; inter-cultural/inter-ethnic couples, as well as couples in general. I enjoy working with people who have diverse ways of living and being.